Special Events in Lihue

Annual Festival of Lights
Special events in Lihue, Hawaii, include the Annual Festival of Lights is held in the first week of December. This is a Christmas celebration where the holiday lights on the county building are lit for the season. There is also a large parade that moves through the town. Small groups move behind the parade caroling while other performers provide entertainment.

Annual Royal Paina
The Annual Royal Paina is held by the Kauai Historical Society every year in April. This is an event that reveals the range of diverse cultures that have combined in order to make a modern Hawaii. The Royal Paina includes some lectures about history and culture followed by live performances of traditional music and dance from the islands of the Pacific. The whole event ends with a large feast served at the Kauai Marriott Resort and Beach Club.

Kauai Museum Lei Day Celebrations
The Kauai Museum Lei Day Celebrations are part of the Lei Day festivities that go on throughout the Hawaiian Islands in May. The celebration starts with a judged contest that selects the best leis from a number of different categories. After this, there is live entertainment, outdoor food vendors, and instructors giving classes in the art of lei making. The festival then moves inside of the museum where everyone can partake in a silent auction for the winning leis. The event ends when the museum finally closes in the afternoon.

All Angels Jazz Festival
The All Angels Jazz Festival attracts a wide variety of different established jazz artists. The festival is held in the Saint Michaels and All Angels Episcopal Church in February. The whole event lasts a week. Every night ticketholders can listen to a lineup of live jazz bands and soloists. On the weekend, the general public can come and listen to a jazz mass that is held inside of the church at no cost.

Annual Kauai Hula Exhibition
The Annual Kauai Hula Exhibition is held at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall in Lihue in June of each year. The event highlights the Polynesian songs, chants, and dances that define hula. There are a number of different performances by individuals, dance groups, and even children. Everyone is dressed in traditional hula garb including grass skirts. The exhibition has been going on annually for over 30 years.

Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair
Vidinha Stadium hosts the annual Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair. This is a celebration of agriculture and farming with most of the familiar elements of a county fair. There is a petting zoo full of livestock, food stalls serving local treats, and musical entertainment. The fair is specifically designed to be fun for the entire family. The fair normally takes place in late August.