Dining in Lihue

The Right Slice
Many people think that this is a pizza restaurant. This is not true. It is one of the best bakeries in the area. The bakery makes their pies and other confections fresh each day. There are multiple flavors to choose from. The blueberry pie is made with a small amount of pina colada to give it a flavor of the islands. If you don't know what you want, you can sample some of the items before you make your purchase.

Fish Express
One of the things that you should try while you are on the island is fish. However, you should not try just any type of fish. This market deli has fresh fish that is caught each day. There is a counter so that you can see all of the different kinds of sushi and other items that are available. There are items already prepared for you to take home, or you can get fish to prepare yourself.

Duke's Canoe Club
Enjoy the ocean breezes and the blue water while you are dining. The specialty is seafood, but there are other items that you can choose from. The drinks are served in fun containers like coconut shells. There is a downstairs area where you can eat if you don't like sitting outside. A salad bar is located upstairs as well as a bar.

Kalapaki Beach Hut
If you want the true Hawaiian experience, then this is where you need to go. It is a cute little restaurant that looks like a big hut. The outside has flowers bordering the porch. It is the perfect place to get a great meal with your family. Anyone in the family can find something to eat on the menu. If you don't want a traditional dinner, then you can order breakfast for dinner. You can choose your own place to sit after you order. Try the shaved ice after your meal for a sweet treat.

Shaka Shave Ice
When you think of Hawaii, what do you think of? If it is shaved ice then going here will not disappoint you. There are several ways that the shaved ice is prepared. If you like a sweeter taste, then try it with ice cream on the bottom with the ice on top. There are three sizes you can pick from, but the small size has plenty of ice for one person.