Attractions in Lihue

Wailua Falls
Come to one of the most beautiful and majestic spots on earth. Rainbows are a constant thing at these massively powerful waterfalls. Located at the end of a long and winding road, Wailua Falls appears to be something straight out of a tropical legend. It is surrounded by rough and rugged terrain so there is little chance to feel the rushing water on your face. However, the trip is very much worth it just to be in the presence of so much natural magic.

Luau Kalamaku
Surely you can't come all the way to the Hawaiian island of Kauai without attending a real live luau. This spectacular form of dinner theater is a great way to become acquainted with the fascinating and welcoming spirit of these south pacific islands. Enjoy authentic cuisine while marveling at beautiful hula dancers and native singers. This is fun for the whole family so bring the kids and dig into some local fun.

Kilohana Plantation Estate
Visit a real working sugar plantation set in a lush area of Kauai. The Kilohana Plantation provides sugar to distributors all over the world and has been in business since 1930. There's even a small petting zoo where visitors can pet goats, rams and greet other critters who are native to the islands. As with many other sights in Hawaii, there are dancing shows featuring lovely dancers and local performance artists.

Kauai Museum
Kauai is not just a tropical paradise designed for taking the tourist dollar and shunning the rest of civilized society. Kauai is an island rich in history and events that took place on the world stage. At the Kauai Museum, visitors can learn all about the island and its native people. There is local artwork, artifacts, military historical items, fossils, and fascinating exhibits that bring the magic of this island to three-dimensional reality.

Kalapaki Beach
Soak up the sun and wade in the waves on this dream beach. Kalapaki Beach is a bit off the tourist path but still civilized enough to be safe and relaxing for visitors. The great thing about its location is that it is on an moon-shaped inlet that gives beach-goers spectacular vistas of surrounding green mountains and coastline. Since it is a bit less tourist-ridden than other beaches, there is little to no pollution or trash. Grab your body board, ride the waves all day, and then relax in the Marriot Kauai lounge in the evening.